楼上的是机器翻的,要不得!Everybody, may I have your attention please,It is my great honor to stand here and make a speech!We are from all over the world, and it is destiny for us to gather together here! we are far away home and come to a same city and choose a same school with our own dream!From the moment when we left home, it marks we have grown up, we need to face the life independently and be strong. Though we left our home, we come here and form a big and new home where we shall love and help each other.Maybe we are not adapted at the beginning or like here, however there are four years in front of us, we need to learn to be adapted and get used to the life here, for it is a kickpoint during the process of our growth and that of maturity.In the following four years, I would like to grow and learn with you.That's all,thank you! 采纳嚄~


Hello, everyone. I. I come from a small but very happy family. Very honored to stand here and speak to you,today, I would like to talk about the topic is about ourinterests and our abilities of different.In today's world, a lot of talent. Therefore, our parents always let us go to various interest classes: math, piano,painting, dancing.And these, it is of interest to us?Some parents think that in the interest is more than a kind of ability, ability more and more outstanding. And now,everybody is good, children don't work hard, you will lag behind. But this situation so that the children of theweekend also tired than go to school, there are few out of time. Hands-on ability, thinking for purging, language and empty, but the lack of the necessary ability, what do these so-called can?I think, interest is the best teacher, but not ability. Shouldlet the interest becomes a way of life, a kind of fun, not the burden of the child and the ability.Thank you.


我非常高兴又这个机会站在这里演讲.我敢相信很多同学都热衷于《哈利波特》.这的确是本好书,也是部好电影.这本书的作者以及电影的拍摄地都是大不列颠.下面,让我们随着《哈利波特》走进英国!首先,先让我们看几张英国的照片.我相信你已经被这悠久又高雅的国度迷住了吧.这个就是电影中霍格沃茨魔法学院集合的大饭厅取景之地——基督学院.从建筑样式与规模来看,基督学院是牛津的大学中最具贵族色彩和最气派的学院之一.这个历史悠久的学院,至今已经培育出十三位英国首相,是目前英国所有大学学院中最多的.这个就是博德莱安图书馆,电影中霍格沃茨魔法学院的医务室和部分图书馆的取景地点.赫赫有名的博德莱安图书馆成立于1602年.图书馆建筑属于英国哥特样式中的垂直式.大家猜一猜这张图片是电影中的哪里?没错,这里就是九又四分之三月台!九又四分之三月台拍摄于伦敦市中心北端的国王十字车站.如果你喜欢英国,那就去英国旅行吧!我的演讲结束了,谢谢大家!I am very happy and this opportunity to stand in here. I dare to believe that many students are keen on the " Harry Potter ". This is indeed a good book, is also a good movie. The author of the book and the film are of great britain. Below, let us as " Harry Potter " entered the uk!First of all, let us look at a few photos of england. I believe you have been in this long and elegant country fascinated.This is the Hogg Watts College of magic set large dining room framing -- Christian college. From the architectural style and scale, Christ College is the University of Oxford in the most noble color and the style of. This has a long history of the college, has been developed thirteen British prime ministers, is currently the most all UK university college.This is the Bodleian Library, Hogg Watts in the film magic school clinic and part library location. Having a great reputation in the Bodleian Library was founded in 1602. The library building belonging to the English Gothic style in the vertical type.You guess this picture is in the movie? Yes, here is the nine and four ppm in March! Nine and four ppm in March shooting in central London at the north end of the king's cross station.If you like English, then travel to England! My speech is over, thank you!


Hello everyone,I'm very glad to have this opportunity to stand here speaking.I have prepared this speech for a month to avoid to speak like reciting books,because I'm easy to be neversous.Today my topic is "my favorite stars”.First let's talk about sports stars like football star Kaka,baskteball star McGrady and tennis star Federer.They have one thing in common that is they love their families and put them at the top of their life .They are the models in sports sector.Next is entertainment stars.I like LuoZhi xiang,YanYa lun,ZhengYun hao because they bring me not only beautiful voice,amazing dance and vigour of youth but also the inspiron of never give up dreams.


I am very pleased that once again my turn to stand here and lecture.Today,my theme is the beauty of my desire.From an early age,each of us are promised another one a beautiful wish.Then,looking forward to the day wish to achieve.I also like kids,I have six beautiful aspirations,they are little happiness in my heart.Today,I would like to share the extracts of the most beautiful in this life I desire.The first hope is that someday,you can buy a round water bed.Will be placed in this bed my warm home,in the coming days and happy to sleep,doing a lot of dreams.The second hope is that I hope I can adopt a little girl to do his own children.I would like to convey my happiness to the world that children need love,hoping to make its own efforts to make her like me grow up healthy and happy.My third wish,I hope that every year can bring my mother went to take pictures,leaving her beautiful appearance.My mother is a very beautiful woman,and I hope that no matter how long before her beauty,her self-confidence remained unchanged.The fourth wish,I wish I could go to a Swiss.That's my favorite country,I like to enjoy the mountains of the Alps can stand and cry,loud crying,release all feelings.Fifth wish,I hope that my future home to a large aquarium,home working day looking at those cute fish swimming,I feel a kind of calm and tranquility.The sixth wishes,and your friends to do a lifetime.In the course of my life,because of you,it becomes happier.Therefore,I will use a lifetime of love to thank you.Tomorrow is the year 2010,is the new year.I like the people I love to be happy.Finally I wish you could,like me,a dream come true.


Good morning everyone, Today I am honored to stand here to give a speech,and the topic of my speech is "persistence is victory!" Firtly I want to ask youwhat is the most important amone learning ? I think they are persevere , bravily,optimism and determination! As everyone knows, Li Yang is a legendary figure in learning English. his English was very poor before collage , but he decided to learn English well, thus he read English in the university every day loudly . From simple to difficult, so every day! At that time he was laughted at : "ha ha, the man is mad!" whe others see him .Li Yang overlooked them and insisted on reading. A few years later, his English level was booming and he opened an educational institutions and businesses of his own.therefore ,he became an English learning model!. From this story, we can see that the most important are perseveration , bravily,optimism and decision in a person's learning life. I ope everybody can cultivate the quality and use it to learn . You with I are lOK,and so do we .We are the best! Thank you for listening to my speech!

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